Layer Cakes – Sponge

Layer Cakes – Sponge

Preparation of Sponge – Fully automatic Process

Dosing of Ingredients

Water: dosed automatically through an electromagnetic flow meter
Egg: dosed automatically through a flow meter
Powder ingredients: dosed manually directly through the manhole or connected to an automatic powder dosing system

Mixing of ingredients

Specifically designed to mix sponge batter, our OM process tank is a high performing heavy duty machine. It has a rotor-stator fence agitation system with only a 2 mm space between its arms which allows to mix all ingredients with great efficiency.

Buffer Tank

Once the mixing process is over and the mix is ready, the product is pumped to a buffer tank, after which the process will swith from batch to continuous. The buffer tank holds the product at the given temperature while keeping it under gentle agitation.


The batter is continuously pumped through a TurboAerator which, through the injection and dispersion of Nitrogen (or air), allows the product to reach the desired density value.

Equipment required