Buffer Tanks

Buffer Tanks

PC 15-35-60

Our standard buffer tanks come in three models.

These three models differ from each other by the angle of their cone bottom, specifically designed to better allow the discharge of the product: the higher the viscosity, the steeper the angle.

The standard features are:

Material in contact with product: AISI 316L
Dome top with circular manhole, dim: 420 mm
Cone bottom with 15°/35°/60° angle
Hand-welded double jackets on walls and bottom for water or steam circulation, with a maximum operating pressure: 4 bar
Mineral wool insulation covered with AISI 304 sheet
Anchor agitator with scraper blades
Inside surface finish: fine polished
Outside surface finish: 2B
Connections for ingredients feeding
I.P. connections with washing balls
Adjustable sanitary feet

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