The Melter

The Melter is a machine designed to melt a wide range of fat based products and/or to blend liposoluble products. It is widely used in many fields: food industry, cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. Our Melter’s flow rates go from 100 to 1500 Kg/h, but it is possible to reach much greater flow rates with custom designs. For an efficient heat exchange we usually use hot water.

The Melter’s active components are:

a. A heating coil for hot water or steam circulation which melts the product.

b. A propeller agitator which keeps the melted product efficiently blended and its composition homogeneous.

c. Spray balls (optional) which guarantee cleansing and rinsing of the machine.

d. A jacket for hot water circulation which keeps the melted products in their liquid phase.

Heat gets usually transferred to the system in the following different ways:

a. -80°C water circulates into the heating coil to melt the product.

b. -50°C water circulates into the melter’s jacket in order to keep the melted products in their liquid phase.

The dimpled jacket for media circulation can withstand higher flow rates with lower pressure drop. Its design provides extremwly efficent heat transfer perfomance; spot welded channels induce the fluid turbulence necessary to obtain high heat transfer coefficients. Media pressure rating to 5 bar.

Specifications for all the Melters
Product contact surfaces made of AISI 316 St. Steel
CIP sprayballs (optional)
Heat exchange jacket for circulation of media at 5 bar max pressure
Mineral wool insulation, 50 mm thick
Outer jacket of AISI 304 St. Steel
Satin finished internal surface, 2B external
Two product connections on top
Agitator with inclined blades

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