Pasteurized Injection Creams – Jams

Pasteurized Injection Creams – Jams

Enjoy all the features of water based creams for your product with our cream batch preparation system.


Our worldwide famous batch cream preparation system is the most advanced and reliable technology in the field.
With over 50 years of experience, Soren has developed the ultimate design in order to achieve perfection in quality, taste and texture of your cream: the PCSD -15 cooking tank.
Through its three different kind of agitators, the PCSD can process any kind of cream reaching up to 70% of solid content.

Fully automatic Process

Dosing Ingradients:

Water: dosed automatically through an electromagnetic flow meter
Oil: dosed automatically through either a mass or a volumetric flow meter
Powder ingredients: dosed manually directly through the manhole (optional: walk-on platform with stairs or hopper with screw conveyor)

Preparation of the cream

Mixing of ingredients: The bottom impeller (1450 rpm) and the anchor agitator
(23 rpm) are activated to make sure all the ingredients are homogeneously
spread into the mix.
Pasteurization: steam is injected into the tank’s jacket until the mix
reaches ~ 85°C. The mix is held at pasteurization temperature to complete
the process.
Cooling: Cold water is injected into the tank’s jacket in order to reach
the proper discharge temperature.
Discharging: the cream is discharged from the tank and pumped to the
dosing point (i.e.: mobile tanks, hoppers, injection points, ..) with a rotative pump.

Washing cycle

The system is designed to be able to be entirely washed and sanitized on loop.
A mix of water and detergent is pumped through the hole system with a high speed centrifugal pump, leaving no blind spot.


Equipment required